To the millions of Canadians asking themselves “what can I do for the environment?” we propose an answer: Green Bonds.

The concept? A modern-day Victory Bond for the environment — purchased by Canadians, backed by government, managed by the private sector, and designed to accelerate the rollout of sustainable energy.

It’s simple, politically sexy, and we have every reason to believe it will be wildly popular.

Our national poll in November 2007 with Nanos Research revealed that 82% of Canadians supported the idea, and 62% of Canadians said they would buy a Green Bond with an interest rate similar to that of a Canada Savings Bond.

We have spent nearly a year building an effective policy backed by sound economic analysis and we continue to push to see Green Bonds in the 2009 federal budget. Please contact us with any suggestions you might have and sign up for our newsletter to receive news updates.

If you support this idea, we encourage you to email your local MP

--Team Green Bond